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When your group needs the expertise of a proven governance and turnaround expert, call on Deborah Hicks Midanek.

Deborah has served as a conference chair, panelist and keynote speaker for nearly three decades, sharing her wealth of knowledge. Author of the award-winning book, The Governance Revolution, What Every Board Member Needs to Know, NOW!, Deborah’s grounded style is at once commanding, engaging, sharp and approachable.

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Deborah Hicks Midanek

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The Governance Revolution; what every board member needs to know, NOW!

Based on Deborah’s award-winning book, her signature keynote is laced with stories that illustrate the challenges faced by today’s boards, and what board members must know and do to manage the most challenging governance issues.


Deborah writes and speaks regularly on the topics of corporate governance, corporate finance, turnarounds and workouts, corporate restructuring and leadership effectiveness. Additional keynotes include:

Fist Cannot See Water; why companies fail

Bringing Outsiders into the Private Company Board

Sustaining the Family Business as Group Ownership Grows

Family Values and Business Resilience

Tools for Living a Resilient Life in a Crazy World


Deborah is an experienced facilitator, skilled at leading teams and event attendees through breakout sessions that engage, educate and challenge them to become better board and corporate leaders. Contact Deborah to discuss your breakout session needs.



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